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Surface and underground waters are often used as a source for drinking water.  In many areas sophisticated physical and chemical processes are used to ensure water quality. In areas which lack such systems it is often difficult to assess water quality without laboratory testing and back up.

Water Express US supply's a range of fully portable test equipment, that can easily be used in the field. Tests are contained in a robust, aluminum case that is readily transported to where you need to test on-site. Get accurate results quickly and conveniently, with tests for a wide range of parameters and equipment to suit every budget.

Potable Water Systems Whole House Commercial
Whole House Potable Water System with UV and tri-filteration or pre-treatment post- treatment solid steel frame stainless steel backing 42 inches wide x 42 inches tall 22 inches deep. WEWHP-1000

WEWHP-1000 - Whole House Potable System & UV
For most canal and well water supplies. Passes most counties that require lab tests. Treatment excellent for canal water. 18 GPM to 24 GPM Also for pre-treatment for water stores food and beverage stores and can be a post treatment or most any application.

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